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It is a well known trick that has been spun out a million times before: announce bad news on Fridays. Not that the highly anticipated HRExaminer Top 25 HR Influencers List published today should be viewed as bad news. To the contrary. The list of seasoned blogebrities and HR A-listers is wonderful news for both the influential elite and those of us who are proud to be among the industry’s most easily led.

I am afraid that the bad news today emanates from me, yours truly. But please, don’t shoot the messenger.

Like a lottery winner who chooses anonymity to avoid the onslaught of distant cousins, meth-addicted ex-common-law-wives, and long-aggrieved landlords I asked that the announcement today of my own top-ranking not be turned into a media circus. Besides, I for one know they don’t have the Oscars on the same night as the Emmy’s for good reason.

However, for the record and so as to not disappoint Mother who, I might add, would turn in her grave if she thought that I could ever be ranked among a computer-generated list of “influential people” — “Bah, new money,” she would say — a modest announcement of my own: Recruitomatic has been ranked top on the Marquee of SADE List of Online Recruiters.

Of course, many of you will know that the Marquee organization is a “big tent” of sorts, and the SADE acronym stands for: “Self-Appointed Digital Experts.” Suffice it to say, my being nominated and subsequent elevation to alpha-blogger came as no surprise to industry insiders such as…myself.

For those who imagine that my recognition for this prestigious award was a forgone conclusion, think again. Recruitomatic faced a field of strong competition including some worthy contenders hot on my heels:

Yes, indeed…Mother would be pleased. Congratulations to all.


2 thoughts on “Recruitomatic Ranked Top on List of Online Recruiters

  1. Reply Mike Kennedy Apr 7,2011 4:07 pm


    Congratulations on taking first, second and fourth place.


  2. Reply Amitai Givertz Apr 8,2011 9:30 am

    Actually, Mike, I took third place too.

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