Transcending Socialization: 8 Ways Social Media is Changing Our Planet

Source: WEB 2 AND MORE › DJ MILLER | It’s no surprise that social media has become an integral part in how people communicate and manage their relationships. Without a doubt, the popularity of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has had a major impact in our culture and how people engage with one another. ...

Microsoft Readiness Framework Organizational Readiness White Paper

Source: MICROSOFT SOLUTIONS FRAMEWORK [PDF] | Creating meaningful business solutions on time and within budget requires a proven approach.ramework Organizational Readiness White Paper [PDF] … read more →

Visions of the Future for the Social Web

The Future of the Social Web Jeremiah Owyang posits on the development for the future of the social web…

Secrets of Engagement: Leverage Social to Unlock User Value on Your Site

Well worth watching…twice:

How Executives Are Using Social Media by Mark Horton | The Future of Work

MARK HORTON > THE FUTURE OF WORK | The time constraints on today’s executives are more numerous than ever before. Between the economic downturn, ever-changing industry regulations, fast-moving information and simple day-to-day management tasks, corporate executives are trapped in the virtual jail cell that is today’s business climate. The unintended result of executive “information-imprisonment” is ...